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Many thanks to everyone who has been kind enough to comment on Walls of Jericho. A small

selection of these is shown below.

What Other People Say


'The immediate detail of Jonathan Hopkins' French versus Austrian battle scene draws you in to Walls of Jericho and holds you there for the duration.'     

 Nick Kirby   Pushbook


'An excellent tale of the Peninsular War told from the cavalryman’s point of view. If you like Bernard Cornwell’s  tales of this period, then you’ll like this.'      Boris Reviews  


'...wish you loads of success with your book!'    Bernard Cornwell   (by email)

As I suspected, the story line was packed with fascinating historical detail. The details about the sword training, avoiding saddle sores, riding across rough terrain, etc., gave the work an incredible sense of authenticity, one which is altogether lacking when pedestrians write about horses.Moreover, the characters kept me interested too. While aware of the overall historical events, the way you moved the protagnoists across this literary landscape was very entertaining. All in all, I really enjoyed the book.  

 - CuChullaine O'Reilly, founder of the Long Riders Guild and author of 'Khyber Knights'

Read and much enjoyed. Must commend you on running the two individual stories so well together. I liked also the way you concentrate on the personal story, and with a palette colour in the detail so effectively. One is with the person rather than looking on at a battle. A refreshing change and more strength to your pen for the eagerly awaited sequel. Best wishes     William Little


Walls of Jericho’ is well researched and well written. Compelling story and can’t wait for the next one. If you like Bernard Cornwell you will love this. All the best, Trevor Gent


I purchased your book at the Kingston Maurward Napoleonic weekend. You requested my comments on your novel so here they are!

Very much in the Cornwell style, the story building up to one of Wellington's battles in the closing chapters. As one of your earlier commentators remarked, your opening chapter on the battle of Elchingen held the reader in anticipation of meeting up with Louis-Henri again, later in the book.  For me your story really took off with the recruiting of Lock into the cavalry.  I could smell the saddle soap and neatsfoot oil, and as a result, from that point on finished the book in a couple of days.  Your handling of the landing of the British Army at Mondego Bay (Figueira da Foz) was very well done.  I had the pleasure of visiting there a few weeks ago so when reading your account I could very much appreciate the difficulties of transferring horses from ship to shore across that open Atlantic washed beach.

Your final chapters covering Vimeiro are very descriptive. I shall be returning to central Portugal within the next month, and as a result of your writings Vimeiro is at the top of my list of places I must visit.  I shall see the Vimeiro battlefield with a much more informed eye having read "Walls of Jericho".

I look forward to your next novel.  Kind regards, Mike Pattison (by email).


'Mr. Hopkins displays an evident love of his subject and a thorough knowledge of 19th century military methods, swordsmanship and horsemanship. His narrative is engaging and I found myself quite quickly turning pages as I became involved with the events surrounding the two main characters.'       

I Heard It On The Grapevine (Click on link for full review)


'It is immediately obvious for the first chapter of this fantastic novel, that the author has put his heart and soul into creating a masterpiece which will transport you to the terrifying battlefields, where you will hear the cries of the men and smell the gunpowder. It is an absorbing, richly detailed and unmissable book. A classic in the making!'     C.Thomas  (Amazon review)


Hi Jonathan - I have eventually got around to contacting you re the book. I thought it was a great read. I also bought a copy for my Dad who is a staunch Bernard Cornwell fan. He thought it was excellent.

Kindest regards, Alison Evans 


'....need another copy. I bought this one for my brother but I started to read it and can't put it down...'     A.S.   (by phone)


'A great book! the historical detail was fascinating and the story compelling. I couldn't put it down! When is the sequal likely to appear?'    D.L


'...Because of your description I easily had the characters in my head. I could even SMELL the atmosphere.'    L.L.


'I really enjoyed your book. It's the sort of thing that should be on TV.'   Keith Jones


'...this is a writer whose command of detail makes the period come alive more clearly than a movie.'    R.L


'...really enjoyed it...difficult to put down.'   Chris Crowther