New Bandit wood chipper


As a company always looking at the next investment to improve our service, we have recently took delivery of our new 12 inch capacity Bandit wood chipper. Although we are not alone in our choice of this fabulous machine, we have gone one step further than most and our machine is fitted with the largest engine option of 140hp. This machine can be hand fed, winch fed or even crane fed with our other machinery. Seen here chipping into our largest hgv

Stump grinder updated

IMG_0760 (2)

Here is the first trial of our 200hp stump grinder after a full refurb. with its new wheel fitted. The wheel was manufactured by New River Equipment in the states and we are confident in saying this is the biggest and most efficient purpose built stump grinder in the uk. I will post some video up of it tackling stumps in the ground shortly. We are able to offer a nationwide stump removal service for large clearance contracts so please get it touch to benefit from our investment.

Royal Shakespeare trust award Heartwood contract

Heartwood Tree Surgeons Ltd awarded a contract to cable brace and support a collapsed Mulberry tree by The Royal Shakespeare trust in Stratford upon Avon. The tree failed in high winds with the weight of the fruit on the tree. Heartwood Tree Surgeons Ltd was able to raise the failed limb and support the tree for future generations. We were proud to make the front cover of the Stratford Herald for the second time whilst working for our client.

26 meter access platform assessments

All employees are being assessed on using our 26 meter access platform, lorry loader crane and a refresher for Chapter 8 Traffic Management today to keep up with our policies and compliance with health and safety requirements.

Heartwood Tree Surgeons Ltd awarded a contract by The Big Yellow Storage Group

Heartwood Tree Surgeons Ltd awarded a contract by The Big Yellow Storage Group, to fell 10 over mature Black poplar trees over-hanging a main Network Rail line in Derby. These works involved working from 1am to suit Network Rail. All work was carried out in one week with over 60 tons of wood chip and logs removed from site to finish on our tight deadline.